Kuay Teaw Look Chin Pla (Fish Ball Noodle) and Yen Ta four

Kuay Teaw Look Chin Pla is another famous dish available in Thailand.  It has a variety of noodles to be served with dependent on your favorite.  We also have several kinds of look chin pla or fish ball in Thailand.  They are made of fish mince, salt, and culinary binder.  The ingredients of fish ball are mixed together and then are boiled or fried. Yen Ta Four is another type of Fish Ball Noodle that served with pink sauce (yen ta four sauce)

Ingredients: noodles, different kinds of fish balls, bean sprouts, stock/broth, soy/fish sauce, fried minced-garlic in oil, chopped green onions, chopped cilantro, and white pepper. For Yen Ta Four, pink sauce will be added